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Project Teach


Duration: 4 weeks - 12 months

Delivery method: Virtual or in-country

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

from US$ 950 p/p



Decades of Apartheid have created vast inequalities in South Africa’s education system. Many argue that this increase in educational inequality is not just the result of the quality of schooling poor children have access to, but that inequality in learner outcomes is equally influenced by factors occurring outside of the school - negatively impacting the development trajectory of children living in poverty. 


These out-of-school factors occur at the individual level, the family level, and the community level, creating multi-level deprivations for children growing up in poverty, impairing their ability to reach their academic and cognitive potential.

Project Overview

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This community-based education program runs for a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum 4 months, in partnership with local South African schools, communities and non-profit organisations. Participants in this programme will provide assistance to local teachers and students to support literacy and numeracy development in accordance with the South African national curriculum. Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to work alongside South African students as cultural partners for the duration of the program. With guidance from teachers, grade heads and Team Ulwazi, participants provide support and aid to primary and high school students via online engagement sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  • To work in partnership with teachers in line with the national curriculum

  • To improve developmental outcomes for all children involved in the program

  • To Improve academic outcomes for all children involved in the program

  • To assist and support teachers as they work to continually improve their instruction

  • To participate in inter-cultural engagement with all individuals and organisations involved in the program

  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of Project Teach on the academic development of all children involved in the program

Entry Requirements

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This program is open to students currently completing their 2nd year or final year of college or university. Participants with no formal university or college education, but with an interest in pursuing a career in education, Early Childhood Development or social development are also welcome to apply. 

In Person

Travel to Africa to participate on a program


Participate remotely via video

In a Group

Join a Faculty-Led Group hosted by your university

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