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Ulwazi Africa is the brainchild of 3 women, born and rooted in Africa, but connected globally. Our experience in all the intricacies of travel and education has led to a desire to bridge the gap between Africa and its diaspora to find collective solutions to complex African challenges, starting with and through Youth Development. Each program is curated for an experience that will impact both local and international communities mutually with the aim of defining potential with opportunity. Our aim is to develop opportunities for experiential learning and inter-cultural engagement that bring together diverse cultures and perspectives to discover a common purpose.


Africa's development needs to be in the hands and visions of Africans. Ulwazi Africa has a leadership with 5 decades of work in Development particular to Africa. Our network spreads to communities, institutions and NGOs across the entire continent. Expansive is not the only word that springs to mind, but also Afro-centric development that is as introspective as it is global-facing. Our focus at Ulwazi Africa is to create pathways for opportunity and mutual understanding for youth both on the continent and in the diaspora

Uniquely African in our ethos and approach.

Our Mission

To impart information and knowledge through service, cultural exchange and experiential learning to enable self-discovery, build and empower global communities. 

Our Vision

To develop a continent of Youth that are certain about and proud of, who they are; to affect the change needed to make Africa the prosperous continent it is destined to be. Ulwazi Africa will open the doors and minds of Young People to turn the tide on Africa's Rising.

Our Mission

Are you a teacher or university faculty member?

Partner with us to create authentically African learning experiences for your students. 

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